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AINAR Contextual Advertising

We developed Ad Breaks to help AVOD and FAST services increase their advertising revenue while providing a seamless viewing experience for their audiences. By utilizing the latest advances in computer vision and machine learning, AINAR Contextual Ad Breaks is able to detect natural advertisement breaks in video assets – accurately and efficiently. With these contextual ad breaks,  users don’t feel as if commercials are randomly shoved in during a gripping scene or in the middle of an important dialogue, as ads are placed at the natural cue points in the story.

AINAR is built for a privacy-first world, where the ads being served to you are based on what you are consuming, and not based on your previous web-browsing history. AINAR accurately detects faces, actions, scenes, emotions, and moods to serve ads in line with the content you are consuming. Through contextual ad breaks and detailed scene analysis, AINAR enables hyper-targeting, leading to an increase in impressions and conversion.



Since our technology can “watch” a movie as a human would and understand the mood and feelings contained in a movie, we can help advertisers keep emotions at the heart of their campaigns and ensure that the ads are well placed in the right emotional context. Read more about how it works in this article


What´s included


contextual ad breaks

Contextual Ad Breaks are an innovative and efficient way to ensure both the advertiser and consumer have a better experience. Contextual Ad Breaks creates a seamless advertising experience for viewers as ads are placed at natural cue points in the story.

contextual scene metadata

Contextual scene metadata allows advertisers to insert relevant ads based on the mood of the scene being played leading up the ad break.

Ad matching

(Coming soon)

We help TV-Operators, IPTV operators, cable operators, OTT platforms, and broadcasters create enhanced viewing experiences, release the potential of all their content and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s taste.



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