Connects Advertisers To The Moods In Content

Revolutionizing AVOD and FAST with AI Powered Contextual Advertising Technology

Our AI powered Contextual Advertising leverages the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning to redefine advertising experiences. AINAR is able to detect detect faces, actions, scenes, emotions, and moods ensuring that advertisements align perfectly with the content viewers are engaged with.

Our technology goes beyond traditional advertising methods. AINAR Contextual Ads are designed to ‘watch’ a movie just as a human would, analyzing and interpreting the scene leading up to each ad break.

This detailed scene analysis, featuring over 3,000 keywords from audio analysis, topic keywords from transcripts and more than 700 mood tags not only enhances viewer engagement but also boosts ad recall, making the message more impactful.

Understanding the emotional context of a scene allows advertisers to strategically place their ads, keeping emotions at the core of their campaigns.

By integrating Ad-Break detection with AINAR’s advanced scene-level contextual insights, ads can be matched to complement the scenes leading into each break.




Seamless Integration to the IAB Taxonomy

contextual advertising seamlessly integrates with the IAB Taxonomy 3.0, facilitating efficient and effective programmatic targeting. This integration ensures that our contextual ads are not just relevant but also compliant with the latest industry standards, offering a comprehensive solution for advertisers and content providers alike.

In our lates version: AINAR V6 we made a significant update to Contextual Advertising. We are now bringing to market what we feel is the industry’s most advanced, scene-level contextual understanding and IAB-mapping for contextual ad targeting.




Contextual Ads

AI Powered Context-Aware Ad Placement includes:

contextual ad breaks

contextual scene metadata

Contextual scene metadata that describes what was going on in the scene leading up to the ad break.
Includes 3,000 keywords from audio analysis, topic keywords from transcripts and more than 700 mood tags.
Automated mapping into IAB taxonomy 3.0 for programmatic targeting.

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