How Cinematic Sound Affects Our Emotions

The truth behind great sound design is that it helps you truly immerse yourself into the story, so much so, that you might not even consider that it is there. The sound in a film helps create realism, adds credibility to the story and above all, pulls you into the emotional state of the moment. In this video, the Vionlabs crew examine how sound, just like color, can be used to alter how a cinematic moment is perceived emotionally by its audience. 

Midsommar - A Horror Film Set in Bright Daylight

In our video on Color in Movies, we took a look at some of the ways in which color is used to make sure the audience feels the way the story intends it to. But what happens when a movie does something unexpected? To illustrate this we will take a closer look at one movie that deviates from the norm, Midsommar - a technicolor horror film. 

Vionlabs Interviewed by 24i at IBC2019

Watch Vionlabs CTO Giles Wilson talk about the launch of our new content discovery platform and the ways in which it can help OTT players put the right content in front of the right user and reduce browsing times. Many thanks to 24i for putting this interview together.

Color & Emotions in Motion Pictures

Filmmakers have been using the science behind how colors affect us emotionally to their advantage ever since the beginning of film history. In this video, Vionlabs will guide you through the landscape of color and its use in motion pictures, and take a look at how color can help enhance the emotional response of the audience.

Quibi, a prediction of problem to keep users engaged

Quibi has a great UI, but some improvements could be made with regards to how they are presenting their content. Even if it’s all short-form the viewers usually need a bit more information before deciding to start a stream, so small previews without sound could help

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