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We are passionate about film, data and great viewer experience. That is why we have created a solution that analyses movies and TV series to understand the characteristics that together form a unique fingerprint. We help you present the most suitable content to your consumers, resulting in an increased interest and satisfaction with your product as well as a lower churn rate.

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Discovery VOD
Discovery TV/EPG
Unified Search


We want to solve a universal issue for movie lovers: what to watch and where to watch it. Your users spend way too much time aimlessly searching for content that isn't relevant to them.
With 5 years of research behind us we can now proudly deliver an innovative solution to all you providers

  • We extract data characteristics from your content and use it to give suitable film and TV recommendations to your users
  • We analyse metadata like colours, movement, speed, relationships, etc.
  • Unified search that gathers all types of search filters, which will help the user find the right content
  • We track what device you are on and when (and no more intrusion into your watch history). Your user saves time

Our story

VIONLABS was founded by Arash Pendari and Klas Källqvist in 2010.

The idea of VIONLABS is pretty simple, we are trying to solve the pressing issue of controlling the enormous sea of content out there. Today, people are expecting to get access to great entertainment every day, spending hours in front their entertainment systems.

Despite the massive need, the global market is
still fragmented and hard to navigate.

We all crave entertainment that is relevant,
easy to find and easy to access.

One of us...

Change the world
At Vionlabs

We are always on the hunt for new talent to join VIONLABS


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