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We are delighted to introduce AINAR to our Hulu Japan service to enhance emotional video metadata and generate binge makers and thumbnails. We believe that leveraging the automated workflow provided by AINAR will greatly save the time and cost regularly required to keep our service better, and this will allow us to focus our resources more on other tasks.

Toshiyuki Takeuchi, Director of Product at Hulu Japan

Partnering with Vionlabs marks a significant milestone for FreeTV Networks as we continue to innovate and improve the experience for our viewers. The integration of AINAR’s cognitive AI capabilities will allow us to deliver content that resonates more deeply with our audience’s preferences, setting a new standard for personalized entertainment.

Tom Mohler, CEO at Olympusat 

At Plex, we’re always looking for ways to improve the media experience for our user experience and engagements.
Vionlabs technology provides some truly unique capabilities that we believe will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goal of making streaming content even more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of Business Development and Content at Plex

By leveraging cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, and partnering with best-in-class technology companies like Google Cloud, Vionlabs and Datatonic, we’re able to empower viewers to discover content that truly resonates with them, by providing them with unprecedented insights into the subjective traits of a film.

Tony Huidor, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Cineverse

With Vionlabs AI technology and video expertise, we’re able to ingest high-quality, highly-accurate descriptions of our content that we can use to tailor experiences for specific viewers based on their preferences.

Naveen Narayanan, Head of Product Innovation and Strategy at Quickplay

As the amount of video content expands exponentially, using Vionlabs AI tools to understand what is in the video and make contextual advertising decisions is critical for increased monetization.” With Vionlabs now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to leverage its cognitive AI solutions technology to enhance the viewing experience with more accurate and intuitive UX.

Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment,
Gaming Partnerships at Google Cloud


After running detailed experiments, smartly combining and integrating Vionlabs fingerprints to a standard set of metadata, we find an increment in accuracy improvement of up to 83% in the typical scenario seen at most operators. Plus, the solutions synergies contribute up to 56% catalog coverage improvements.



The ability to better serve our audiences based on understanding key content characteristics, like mood, will change the way we deliver content to our subscribers. Given Vionlabs’ industry-first technology, we’ve signed up to work with this platform for years to come.

Dr. Jörg Richartz, Head of TV Strategy & Business Development, Deutsche Telekom

Personalization is key for Canela to be able to deliver an exemplary user experience. Vionlabs has been a tremendous partner, which is why we are expanding to now offer a unique way to categorize content, as well as serve users recommendations based on their interests. Users want and deserve an easy way to find what they are looking for personalized to their content consumption behaviors at a particular moment.

Isabel Rafferty, CEO and Founder of Canela Media

Say Hello to AINAR Cognitive AI

Discover the capabilities of Ainar, an AI Video to Metadata tool:


Essential data for superior user experience


Fingerprint data


Topic tags




Mood tags




Similar titles


Engage users with content that makes your service shine


Preview Clips




Mobile Adapted Shorts


Backdrops / Hero Image


Empower your creative team with lightning fast tools


AI-Optimized Ad Break Placements


AI-Driven Four Network Ranking System


Intro Detection


Recap Detection


Credit Detection


Connects Advertisers To The Moods In Content


Detailed Analysis of Each Scene Leading Up to Ad Breaks


3,000 keywords


700 Mood tags


Topic modelling


Seamless Integration to the IAB Taxonomy

What Problems AINAR Solves

Operational Efficiency Unleashed

AINAR addresses the crucial need for speed and efficiency in content operations. By automating routine tasks, AINAR allows content operation teams to dramatically increase their output without sacrificing quality. This means faster coverage of extensive libraries, making it possible to scale.

Empowers Creative Teams 

One of the biggest hurdles for creative teams is the drain on their time and resources caused by the endless search for the right assets. AINAR eliminates this barrier, streamlining the asset discovery process so that creatives can invest their energy into what they do best: creating.

Data-Driven Excellence

The backbone of any digital service today is the quality of its data. AINAR significantly improves the data quality ensuring more accurate and relevant recommendations and searches. This leads to improved service effectiveness and helps users find what they need quickly.

A Superior User Experience

At its core, AINAR is designed to elevate the end-user experience. By ensuring operational efficiency, empowering creativity, and enhancing data quality, AINAR delivers a user experience that is not just satisfactory but exceptional and that will help your service stand out from the crowd.

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Vionlabs at NAB show 2024


Thanks everone that came to see us at NAB!

Vionlabs at IBC 2024

IBC September 13-16, Amsterdam

We will be back in Amsterdam for IBC.

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