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We are delighted to introduce AINAR to our Hulu Japan service to enhance emotional video metadata and generate binge makers and thumbnails. We believe that leveraging the automated workflow provided by AINAR will greatly save the time and cost regularly required to keep our service better, and this will allow us to focus our resources more on other tasks.

Toshiyuki Takeuchi, Director of Product at Hulu Japan

At Plex, we’re always looking for ways to improve the media experience for our user experience and engagements.
Vionlabs technology provides some truly unique capabilities that we believe will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goal of making streaming content even more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of Business Development and Content at Plex

With Vionlabs AI technology and video expertise, we’re able to ingest high-quality, highly-accurate descriptions of our content that we can use to tailor experiences for specific viewers based on their preferences.

Naveen Narayanan, Head of Product Innovation and Strategy at Quickplay

As the amount of video content expands exponentially, using Vionlabs AI tools to understand what is in the video and make contextual advertising decisions is critical for increased monetization.” With Vionlabs now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to leverage its cognitive AI solutions technology to enhance the viewing experience with more accurate and intuitive UX. 

Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment,
Gaming Partnerships at Google Cloud


After running detailed experiments, smartly combining and integrating Vionlabs fingerprints to a standard set of metadata, we find an increment in accuracy improvement of up to 83% in the typical scenario seen at most operators. Plus, the solutions synergies contribute up to 56% catalog coverage improvements.



The ability to better serve our audiences based on understanding key content characteristics, like mood, will change the way we deliver content to our subscribers. Given Vionlabs’ industry-first technology, we’ve signed up to work with this platform for years to come.

Dr. Jörg Richartz, Head of TV Strategy & Business Development, Deutsche Telekom

Personalization is key for Canela to be able to deliver an exemplary user experience. Vionlabs has been a tremendous partner, which is why we are expanding to now offer a unique way to categorize content, as well as serve users recommendations based on their interests. Users want and deserve an easy way to find what they are looking for personalized to their content consumption behaviors at a particular moment.

Isabel Rafferty, CEO and Founder of Canela Media

Revolutionize Media Experiences with AINAR’s Advanced AI Solutions

Discover the future of content discovery and viewer engagement with AINAR, our AI Video Metadata Solutions. AINAR leads the media and entertainment industry, blending cutting-edge AI technology with an in-depth knowledge of film production to intuitively extract meaningful and emotionally resonant metadata from content.

Unleashing the Power of Cognitive AI in Media

Our cognitive AI technology transforms how you interact with media content. By intuitively extracting emotionally resonant metadata from videos, AINAR enhances the user experience, offering a deeper understanding of content beyond traditional methods. AINAR embodies the combined insights of thousands of labelers worldwide, allowing it to describe and summarize content to empower the next-generation user experience in Media & Entertainment.

Our AI Video Metadata Solutions assist streaming services, entertainment companies, telecoms, software companies, and advertising platforms in crafting user experiences that are seamless, non-disruptive, and deliver content tailored to each viewer’s preferences, all without the need for third-party data.


AINAR Version 5 is a product of advanced AI technology that is capable of predicting and producing over 40 genres, 2300 desciptive keywords, 40 mood categories, and +700 mood tags. It is equipped with features such as similar content clustering, contextual ad cue point detection, and contextual scene-level data for targeted advertising. It can automatically generate stunning thumbnails and short clips for improved content discovery, which is useful for streaming companies as content libraries grow larger. It can accurately detect and track different segments of media content, including Binge Markers such as Intro, Recap, and Credit detection. Our latest innovation – vision-to-text translation, brings natural-prompted interactivity to content discovery. At Vionlabs, we aim to be the backbone of the media entertainment industry, facilitating easy and accessible content discovery, engagement, and advertising. Read our story.



increase in content coverage



*Source: Contentwise. One of the leading recommendation engines for streaming services

Key Features of AINAR


 Our award-winning technology, Fingerprint+, is the industry’s leading AI video-to-metadata solution. It has been proven to enhance recommendation precision, click-through rates, catalog coverage, and return on investment. 

binge markers

AI Generated Binge Markers

Automated Intro, Recap And Outro Detection. With AINAR you can efficiently and automatically add Binge Markers to your entire content library.  AINAR uses Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect all repetitive cue points in the content.

AI-Optimized Ad Break Placements

AI-Optimized Ad Break Placements

With AINAR’s advanced AI ad placement technology, platforms can now offer a viewing experience that is both advertiser-friendly and viewer-centric. The result? A viewing experience that respects the narrative flow while effectively delivering advertisements.

contextual advertising

Contextual Advertising

AINAR Contextual Advertising, is redefining the advertising landscape. Now with contextual scene data that aligns with the IAB standards. This ensures that ads are not only contextually relevant but also adhere to IAB’s categories, optimizing ad campaigns for maximum ROI.

AI generated shorts


AINAR Generated Shorts, a cutting-edge AI solution that watches and listens to video content, pinpointing key moments to effortlessly create captivating short clips. AINAR Shorts can be used with emotion prompting by editorial teams to generate more refined and user-specific content.

AI generated thumbnails


AI generated thumbnails play a vital role in catching our attention and enticing us to click on movies or TV shows. We’re revolutionizing content discovery by training our AI to pick the most captivating and intriguing thumbnails. 


AINAR Reveals Emotions In Media

Storytelling is a dynamic process, far beyond a simple categorization of comedy or drama. With this understanding, we have trained AINAR to understand how humans emotionally perceive both audio and video. 

This is a graph showcasing four films typically labeled as comedies. However, a closer analysis reveals distinct emotional structures. For example, “Sharknado 2” mixes fear and gore with comedy, unlike the pure comedy of “Dumb and Dumber.” These nuances come to light through AINAR’s comprehensive data and insightful visuals where black is fear and yellow is enjoyment. 

AINAR utilizes this insightful data in all our products ranging from preview clips and fingerprints+ to contextual advertising and visual discovery.  AINAR takes storytelling to a whole new level, unraveling the essence of emotions in media files. 

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