What will the Oscars jury be in the mood for this year?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Nominees have been presented, we’ve had some time to watch the nominated movies and now we are waiting with anticipation for the Oscars to take place. Although admittedly, after the way 2020 turned out, we might not be presented with the most thrilling line-up of films, we can’t deny that it’s refreshing to have new movie magic to discuss, analyze and connect with.

To take a different approach to the exciting pre-oscars speculation game, we at Vionlabs decided to run the Oscar nominees in the category for Best Picture from the past 4 years through our Mood Lab to see if we can predict what the jury might be in the mood for this year.

Who will win? Although for obvious reasons we can’t know for sure, we have looked at previous years to see if we can find any patterns, similarities or differences to in good fun try to predict the 2021 winner. Judging from the mood data we have found, combined with film analysis, here’s what we have to tell about this year’s movies.

What is Vionlabs mood data?

At Vionlabs we are leveraging established Psychological models, combined with the input of 1000s of humans across the globe to train an AI-network to accurately predict the emotional impact on a second-by-second basis for video content.

Through the training of AI-networks in this way, we are able to understand exactly what goes on from an emotional standpoint at any given point in time e.g. how stressful, engaging, scary, happy, controlling etc a scene is second by second.

What makes a movie e.g. captivating and inspiring? Well, it’s actually a combination of multiple factors ranging from averages, peaks, ups and downs, how quickly a movie goes from a high to low etc. all which is well defined in the universe of content production. Leveraging our emotional data allows us to define and automatically categorize content assets relevant mood categories such as “Captivating and Inspiring” or “Feelgood and Laughs”. The mood represents the theme of the movie/series to better help users pick content that “they are in the mood for”.

Artistic qualifications to win an Academy Award

The Academy Award is one of the most prestigious film awards to be handed out each year.