What is Video Metadata?

Video metadata refers to the descriptive information associated with a video file. It includes details such as title, tags, descriptions, timestamps, and other relevant data that help categorize and organize videos. Vionlabs adds contextual information to this metadata such as the mood and the emotions a video file has. 

How does Video Metadata enhance user experience?

Video metadata enhances user experience by providing contextual information about videos. It enables accurate content recommendations, personalized playlists, improved search results, and better navigation within video libraries.

How does Vionlabs leverage user experience?

By analyzing video content, Vionlabs extracts valuable insights that help improve user engagement and satisfaction. Vionlabs metadata can be used to create personalized video recommendations and content discovery experiences.

What are the benefits of using Vionlabs Fingerprint+?

Vionlabs Fingerprint+ offer benefits such as enhanced content discovery, personalized recommendations, improved search accuracy, optimized user interfaces, and increased viewer engagement.

Can Vionlabs solutions integrate with existing video platforms?

Yes, Vionlabs solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing video platforms. We provide APIs and SDKs that enable easy integration and customization to meet specific requirements.

How does Vionlab AI technology analyse video content?

Vionlabs utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze video content frame by frame. The technology can recognize objects, scenes, audio patterns, and other visual and audio cues to generate rich metadata. Read more here.

Can Vionlabs solutions be applied to live streaming videos?

No, Vionlabs’ solutions needs 20% of the time of the content asses time to process. Then the metadata can be applied to live streaming videos,  enhancing the viewing experience.

How accurate is Vionlabs' Video Metadata analysis?

Vionlabs Video Metadata analysis achieves high accuracy through the use of sophisticated AI models and algorithms. However, accuracy may vary depending on factors such as video quality and complexity.

What industries can benefit from Vionlabs' Video Metadata solutions?

Vionlabs’ Video Metadata solutions can benefit various industries, including TV-Operators, IPTV operators, cable operators, OTT platforms, and broadcasters.  Vionlabs help them create enhanced viewing experiences, release the potential of all their content and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s taste.

Can Vionlabs solutions handle multiple languages and subtitles?

Yes, our solutions are not language based and can handle any languge, we can analyze and extract metadata from videos in all languages and provide accurate recommendations.

Is Vionlabs Video Metadata analysis scalable for large video libraries?

Our Video Metadata analysis is scalable and can handle large video libraries efficiently. The technology is built to process and analyze videos at scale, ensuring optimal performance.

How can Vionlabs solutions improve video monetization?
  • By providing accurate video metadata, we helps optimize ad targeting and ad placement, ensuring relevant ads are shown to viewers in the right moment, increasing ad effectiveness and revenue.
  • Through personalized content recommendations, our solutions enhance viewer engagement and extends watch time, leading to more ad impressions and higher monetization potential.
  • Vionlabs’ metadata insights enable content creators and platforms to understand viewer preferences and trends, allowing them to develop and promote content that resonates with their audience, attracting more viewers and advertisers.
  • With better search accuracy and content organization, Vionlabs helps users discover relevant videos easily, leading to increased views, potential ad interactions and less churn.
  • Vionlabs’ solutions offer valuable insigths into the content library, enabling data-driven decision-making for optimized monetization strategies.
  • Vionlabs solutions improve content recommendation accuracy by 83% and catalog coverage by 56%
What are the benefits of using Vionlabs' Video Metadata solutions?

Vionlabs’ Video Metadata solutions offer benefits such as enhanced content discovery, personalized recommendations, improved search accuracy, optimized user interfaces, increased viewer engagement, better ROI for advertisers and less churn. 

Can Vionlabs solutions integrate with ad serving platforms?

Not yet

How does Vionlabs' Video Metadata benefit content discovery?

Vionlabs’ Video Metadata significantly enhances content discovery by providing accurate and descriptive, contextual information about videos. Vionlabs solutions automates preview clips and thunbnails for better visual presentation of the content. 

This enables platforms to deliver personalized recommendations, related content suggestions, and curated playlists that resonate with viewers’ interests, leading to improved content discovery experiences.

Can Vionlabs solutions help reduce churn?

Yes, Vionlabs solutions can help reduce content churn by providing tools for relevant recommendations and personalized experiences to viewers. By understanding viewer preferences and offering engaging content suggestions, Vionlabs helps retain users and reduces the likelihood of them switching to other platforms.

How can Vionlabs Video Metadata benefit content recommendation algorithms?

Vionlabs Video Metadata provides valuable insights that can significantly enhance content recommendation algorithms. By delivering cognitive detailed metadata, platforms can deliver more accurate and personalized recommendations, resulting in improved user engagement and satisfaction. Read more how it works here. 

Can Vionlabs Video Metadata be applied to user-generated content (UGC)?

Yes, Vionlabs Cognitive Video to Metadata can be applied to user-generated content (UGC) as well.

AINAR V4t is capable of predicting and producing over 40 genres, 1500 keywords, 40 mood categories, and 70 mood tags. It is equipped with features such as similar content clustering, contextual ad cue point detection, and contextual scene-level data for targeted advertising.

It can accurately detect and track different segments of media content, including Binge Markers such as Intro, Recap, and Credit detection. It can automatically generate thumbnails and preview clips, which is useful for streaming companies as content libraries grow larger.

This enhances content discovery and user experiences within UGC platforms by providing accurate recommendations and personalized content suggestions based on the analyzed metadata. Vionlabs’ technology adapts to the dynamic nature of UGC, ensuring that user-generated videos can also benefit from advanced metadata analysis, leading to improved engagement and user satisfaction.


Can we do on prem installation on AWS, GCP, AZURE or on our hardware?

Yes we support on prem installation in your own cloud, we support AWS and Google cloud but not Azure yet as no client have ever asked for it. 

How does a standard on prem installation work?

Our team will provide you with a terraform script adapted for AWS or GCP settings and we will support you through the installation through a dedicated slack channel. 

How do we fetch the data?

We provide a feature known as the Catalog API. This allows you to input your own filenames and internal IDs, eliminating the need for third-party IDs. To retrieve data, you simply use your internal IDs to make requests to our JSON API, which then returns the desired data.

What Neural networks do you use?

We utilize custom neural networks, which are proprietary designs we’ve created in-house. These networks are built upon the robust TensorFlow framework, allowing us to leverage its powerful machine learning capabilities while tailoring the models to suit our specific needs and objectives.

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is a robust, open-source library developed by Google Brain Team. Its primary purpose is to provide computational efficiency for designing and training machine learning and artificial intelligence models. With its flexible architecture, TensorFlow enables developers to deploy computation across a variety of platforms – from desktops to clusters of servers – and to various types of computational units, including CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs.

What is Neural networks?

Neural networks, often referred to as artificial neural networks (ANNs) or simulated neural networks (SNNs), form a crucial component of machine learning. They represent the core foundation of deep learning algorithms, playing an essential role in their functionality.

What is Terraform script?

Terraform script is a tool designed for infrastructure as code, enabling you to establish cloud-based and on-premise resources through easily readable configuration files. These files can be version-controlled, reused, and shared, promoting efficient and collaborative infrastructure management.

What role do 'labels' play in training neural networks?

Labels are a vital component of supervised learning in the field of machine learning. They are essentially the ‘answers’ or ‘truth values’ that the model aims to predict. In the context of training neural networks, labels serve as the known outcomes or results, which guide the network during its learning process to make accurate predictions or classifications.

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We help TV-Operators, IPTV operators, cable operators, OTT platforms, and broadcasters create enhanced viewing experiences, release the potential of all their content and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s taste.



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