Binge Markers

Automated Intro, Recap And Outro Detection

 Binge-watching through a favorite TV show is one of the most common behaviors on any streaming platform today. Whilst doing so, subscribers today are expecting a smooth and seamless viewing experience. A lot of these TV shows will have a repetitive intro and recap parts throughout the content.  Adding Binge Markers, a “skip-intro”, “skip recap” and “skip to next episode” will elevate the user experience to the level your subscribers expect.

With AINAR you can efficiently and automatically add Binge Markers to your entire content library. 

 By leveraging pattern analysis, AINAR uses Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect all repetitive cue points in the content, without any prior knowledge of previous episodes.

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What´s included


binge markers

intro detection

AINAR knows what an Intro looks like, allowing it to detect a wide array of intros without prior knowledge of the specific show or movie. This makes it easier for users to quickly discover the shows they love and become immersed in the content that matters most to them. AINAR’s AI-driven technology is designed with user engagement in mind, creating a seamless user experience.

binge markers

recap detection

AINAR detects a recap in any TV- show, movie or series. allowing viewers to skip past the unnecessary content. With the human-like level of video understanding, AINAR helps viewers get to the right moment in a matter of seconds.

end credit detection

AINAR has learned the recipe of what an outro looks like. Viewers are presented with the option to skip the outro sequence and go to the next one. End credits detection saves hours of manual work through smart AI-based automation and helps viewers navigate through large catalogs quickly and intuitively.

We help TV-Operators, IPTV operators, cable operators, OTT platforms, and broadcasters create enhanced viewing experiences, release the potential of all their content and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s taste.



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