Vionlabs Brand Identity 

Brand Identity


Our brand identity is a bold testament to innovation and dynamism, characterized by the striking use of vivid neon colors set against a deep, dark background. The striking contrast between the neon vibrancy and the deep, dark background mirrors the way our Cognitive AI AINAR cuts through noise to uncover insights and opportunities. It’s a visual metaphor for our dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI, driving progress with innovation and creativity.




Vionlabs logo white
AINAR logo svg

Color Palette Neons and Darks


Black Violet




Oxford Blue


RGB (3,28,48)

Dark Purple


RGB (33,18,38)

Russian Violet


RGB (37,20,58)

Royal Blue


RGB (58,106,214)

Sky Blue


RGB (117,216,242)

Apocalyptic Orange


RGB (226,116,46)

Magenta (Pantone)


RGB (219,58,124)

Brand Positioning Statement


Our mission is to be the heartbeat and data backbone of the media entertainment industry, enabling meaningful connections between people and the content they love. We strive to create an enhanced viewing experience for TV operators, IPTV operators, cable operators, OTT platforms, and broadcasters by providing them with the technology necessary to deliver powerful applications that engage their customers. Through innovative solutions based on our deep understanding of cognitive AI, we are able to identify opportunities for engagement and drive value for our customers. With a focus on scalability and flexibility, we offer products that empower our customers to stay ahead of competition while creating unique experiences that keep viewers coming back for more.



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Vionlabs tagline & Boilerplate



  • Vionlabs Cognitive AI – Video to Metadata


About Vionlabs

Vionlabs empowers brands to release the potential of all content and differentiate the consumer

viewing experience using the first-of-its-kind Cognitive AI video-audio platform called AINAR. 

AINAR can analyze consumer moods and sentiments in long-format video-audio files. Vionlabs helps streaming services, entertainment companies, telecoms, software companies, and advertising platforms create user experiences that are seamless, and non-disruptive, and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s tastes, allwithout using third-party data. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. 


More info:, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. 


vionlabs - video to metadata

We help TV-Operators, IPTV operators, cable operators, OTT platforms, and broadcasters create enhanced viewing experiences, release the potential of all their content and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s taste.



Västmannagatan 4
111 24 Stockholm, Sweden