AI-Optimized Ad Break Placements In Your Content

Revolutionizing Advertising: AI-Optimized Ad Break Placements In Your Content

The integration of AI-optimized ad break placements is a game-changer for streaming services. With AINAR’s advanced AI ad placement technology, platforms can now offer a viewing experience that is both advertiser-friendly and viewer-centric. This balance is key in today’s competitive streaming landscape, where viewer satisfaction and advertising revenue must coexist harmoniously. AI-driven advertising in streaming is setting a new standard for how ads are integrated into content, benefiting both viewers and service providers.

Optimizing Ad Placement: AINAR’s AI-Driven Ranking System and Speech Filter

AINAR utilizes four distinct networks to establish a comprehensive ranking system for ad break placements:

  • Rank 1 demands a full consensus from all networks, signifying the highest quality ad.
  • Rank 2 necessitates agreement from at least three networks
  • Rank 3, necessitates agreement from at least two networks
  • Rank 4, Gap Filler, includes ad breaks only predicted by the shot similarity network, and is used to fill gaps when higher-ranked ad breaks are insufficient.

We also do a post-processing filter for speech to make sure we are not cutting off in an important discussion or narration that travels across scenes.




How AINAR Finds the Perfect Ad Moments

AINAR’s approach to ad placement is sophisticated and multi-layered. It uses four parallel networks, each contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the content:

  • Black Frame and Speech Avoidance Detector: This network ensures ads don’t cut off important dialogues or narrative moments.
  • Deep Learning Story Flow Analysis: By analyzing the story’s progression, this network identifies natural lulls suitable for ad insertion.
  • Scene Boundary Detector: It pinpoints transitions between scenes, often ideal spots for ad breaks.
  • Shot-Similarity Algorithm: This network finds visually similar shots, helping to place ads without disrupting the visual narrative.

AINAR: Pioneering AI in Ad Placement

AINAR, our advanced AI technology, is at the forefront of this revolution. By harnessing the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning, AINAR identifies the most natural points for ad breaks in video content. This means ads are inserted at moments that feel intuitive, not interrupting pivotal scenes or crucial dialogues. The result? A viewing experience that respects the narrative flow while effectively delivering advertisements. We also offer Context Aware Ads with scene level data.


Ad Breaks

AI Automated Ad Breaks Includes:

ad breaks

Ad Breaks creates a seamless advertising experience for viewers as ads are placed at natural cue points in the story.

ad breaks


AINAR Ad-Breaks divide breaks into four ranks. Primary breaks, secondary, tertiary breaks and fillers allow content owners to prioritize and tier their advertisements effectively.


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