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Introducing AINAR Thumbnails: the AI Thumbnail Maker designed to transform user engagement across streaming platforms.

The abundance of content and services has fundamentally changed how we consume entertainment. Consumers now have access to platforms featuring original content, on-demand blockbuster movies, live news, sports, and many other options. Yet, with growing content catalogues and diminishing attention spans, viewers face challenges in navigating this vast sea of videos. Effective content discovery tools are essential to maximize the user experience and encourage content consumption. Compelling visuals are crucial in capturing viewer attention and enticing us to click on movies or TV shows.

We’re revolutionizing content discovery by training our AI to pick the most captivating and intriguing thumbnails. According to research from a Vionlabs survey, which included 3,500 users across Europe, a staggering 64% of viewers skipped over titles they would have enjoyed simply because the artwork didn’t appeal to them. AINAR Thumbnails addresses these challenges by leveraging advanced AI technology to create eye-catching, appealing thumbnails that resonate deeply with viewers, significantly reducing pass-over rates and boosting engagement.



Revitalize Your Content Library with AINAR Thumbnails: Unlocking the Potential of Underutilized Assets

AINAR Thumbnails revolutionize the promotion of underutilized assets in content libraries. By leveraging advanced AI technology, AINAR AI Thumbnails creates highly appealing and personalized visuals that capture the essence of each asset. As a result, titles that might have gone unnoticed will get displayed, captivating viewers with compelling thumbnails. This significantly boost viewer engagement and breathe new life into underexploited segments of your library. 
Watch a video how it works (presentation from MipTV Cannes)


Partnering with Vionlabs marks a significant milestone for FreeTV Networks as we continue to innovate and improve the experience for our viewers. The integration of AINAR’s cognitive AI capabilities will allow us to deliver content that resonates more deeply with our audience’s preferences, setting a new standard for personalized entertainment. Tom Mohler, CEO at Olympusat 

AI models used:


AI Thumbnails

AI-Driven Extraction of Optimal Thumbnails

To the left, you can see the thumbnails disqualified by AINAR; to the right, the approved one.


AI Thumbnails
AI Thumbnails

AINAR helps personalize the user experience

Personalization is essential for delivering an exceptional user experience. AINAR Thumbnails offers the ultimate in AI-driven personalization, enhancing user engagement by meticulously tailoring content to match individual preferences.

At the heart of an outstanding user experience is personalization—adapting services and content to meet the unique needs and interests of each viewer. AINAR Thumbnails excels in this by helping presenting the right thumbnails and clips to the right viewers. For instance, if User A prefers action-packed scenes, they can get an action-themed thumbnail, whereas User B, who favors drama, can be presented with a drama-oriented thumbnail.

How it works

Using Vionlabs’ proprietary AI models, AINAR efficiently identifies the most representative thumbnail for each asset. The technology ensures that main actors are prominently featured, the image is crisp and clear, and all characters have their eyes open. This meticulous process guarantees that only the most suitable thumbnails, meeting our stringent quality standards, are selected.

Watch a video how it works (presentation from MipTV Cannes)

Key Features

  • Dynamic Character Tracking: Automatically adjusts to highlight key characters in the most engaging poses.
  • Energy Level Monitoring: Tracks the intensity of on-screen action, providing thumbnails that reflect the emotional or action peaks of the content.
  • Character Positioning: Ensures optimal placement of characters within scenes for clear and compelling thumbnails.
  • Camera Close-Up: Focuses on bringing forward intimate or detailed shots, enhancing the connection with the audience.
  • Celebrity Recognition: Identifies and features well-known faces more prominently to leverage star power and attract more viewers.


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