AI generated thumbnails play a vital role in catching our attention and enticing us to click on movies or TV shows. We’re revolutionizing content discovery by training our AI to pick the most captivating and intriguing thumbnails. Traditionally, thumbnail selection has been primarily based on character tracking. However, we believe in going beyond characters to find visually compelling images that pique curiosity. 

Our mission is crystal clear: to enhance AINAR’s ability to distinguish excellence from the ordinary, ensuring that every thumbnail authentically represents the essence and intrigue of its content. This commitment leads to more immersive recommendations and personalized experiences, setting a new standard in content discovery.

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Use prompts to generate the perfect thumbnails best suited for your content

With AINAR Thumbnails, editorial teams gain unparalleled capability to employ detailed prompts, enabling the generation of thumbnails that align perfectly with specific criteria and artistic visions. For example, teams can specify “give me a thumbnail with the main character to the right in frame,” allowing for the composition of images and the strategic placement of elements, such as inserting a logo to the left. This advanced customization  provides editorial teams with greater creative control in the thumbnail selection process, ensuring each chosen image accurately represents the essence and narrative focus of the content.

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