AINAR V6 Cognitive AI for Content Discovery and Enhancement


AINAR V6 Cognitive AI for Content Discovery and Enhancement

Our AINAR has made significant stride in the landscape of cognitive AI technologies for content discovery and enhancement. The latest version, AINAR V6, introduces groundbreaking features that redefine how media content is analyzed, discovered, and interacted with.  

This article explores what’s new in AINAR V6, comparing it with its predecessors, AINAR V4  and AINAR V5, to highlight the evolution and enhanced capabilities of AINAR V6. 

From 1088 to 1688 Dimensions with Multilingual Topic Modeling

The introduction of an additional 600 dimensions, derived from advanced topic modeling techniques, represents a significant enhancement in AINAR V6. By analyzing and transcribing audio files, AINAR can now identify the underlying themes of scenes, even if they are not visually evident. This capability enables more accurate content matching and discovery, particularly beneficial for genres like science fiction where the dialogue carries essential thematic elements. With expanded language support, AINAR V6 broadens its applicability across diverse content libraries.

AINAR Now Recognizes Celebrities in Every Scene

AINAR is now able to accurately recognize and identify famous personalities in video content. For example, the system can accurately recognize scenes featuring Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle or Denzel Washington in action. This precision allows editorial and marketing teams to quickly find specific scenes with popular stars, streamlining processes for marketing and editorial teams aiming to spotlight these stars in their campaigns or content selections. This is useful for content presentation with dynamic thumbnails and preview clips.

Additionally, it supports the inclusion of local talent by allowing clients to upload their talent into the database, further customizing the technology to meet specific regional or organizational needs. This capability enriches the platform’s versatility and utility for diverse markets.

Three Levels of Automation for Customizing Preview Clips

AINAR offers three levels of automation to create shorts and preview clips tailored to your needs.

1. Full Flexibility: AINAR Prompts  AINAR empowers your creative teams to effortlessly locate specific clips within a movie or episode  across your entire catalog by using prompts. Full Flexibility is designed to streamline your creative process and enrich your content discovery.

2. Semi Automation: Curated Clip Categories by AINAR. AINAR curates the clips in to different emotional categories with focus on main characters. This approach ensures a diverse and personalized selection.

3. Full Automation: AINAR Automatic Clips. AINAR selects the clip that’s most representative to the mood and story based on the fingerprint of the clips and the fingerprint of the title. This is achieved by analyzing the unique ‘fingerprint’ of each clip and title.

Brand Safety and Compliance – Introducing Nudity and Profanity Detection

AINAR V6 introduces advanced nudity and profanity detection to ensure compliance and brand safety. This technology prevents the creation of preview clips or thumbnails with inappropriate content, catering to a diverse audience and maintaining a safe viewing environment. It’s also crucial for our product contextual advertising, as companies aim to align their ads with content that reflects their brand values.

The technology behind nudity and profanity detection in AINAR V6 involves training the AI on specific content parameters to ensure compliance with content guidelines and brand safety for advertising. This training enables the system to recognize and filter out content that includes nudity or profanity, which is crucial for creating preview clips and thumbnails suitable for all audiences.

Dynamic Thumbnails & Preview Clips

AINAR V6 introduces a new feature for content customization: with just a single video analysis, AINAR can generate unlimited, on-the-fly video previews or thumbnails. This capability allows for precise tailoring of content presentation, enabling requests for clips featuring specific characters, moods, or lengths with rapid response times. Furthermore, we are introduction a new scoring system called “relevance score”, allowing us to automatically decide which is the most representative clip or thumbnail to describe the individual asset, allowing for automation at scale across 1000s of assets. 

With AINAR V6, after a one-time video analysis, not only can you create endless previews and thumbnails for user interfaces, but the same data allows you to find clips for marketing or even create content highlights. It’s a game-changer for creating engaging and versatile content, all from a single analysis. This adds a whole new layer of efficiency, making it easier than ever to engage audiences and support marketing efforts with tailored content.

Introducing Scene-Level Insights: AINAR’s Latest Leap in Content Interaction

In the previous version, AINAR V5, we unveiled a groundbreaking feature known as AINAR Interact, which brought vision to text translation capabilities paired with title prompting to the forefront.  With a simple prompt such as “give me an intense action movie with a female protagonist,” AINAR could identify and present titles matching the criteria.

Building upon this innovative foundation, we’re excited to announce an advancement that takes this functionality to an entirely new dimension—scene-level interaction. Thanks to the integration of new Topic Modeling techniques combined with vision to text translation on scene level, AINAR now boasts significantly improved analysis capabilities. This enhancement allows for the generation of detailed scene descriptions, making it possible to pinpoint your favorite moments within any video through sophisticated NLP-based Scene Prompting. This leap forward not only enriches the user experience but also sets a new standard for how we interact with content.

Example of prompts that AINAR V6 understands:

  • Give me the scenes from Forrest Gump where Forrest is running from the bullies
  • Give me the scene from the Matrix where Neo is being offered red pill or blue pill
  • Give me scenes with Gordon Ramsay screaming at people in the kitchen

Elevate Content Engagement with AINAR V6’s Precision Binge Markers

AINAR V6’s improved Binge Markers feature now offers enhanced accuracy in detecting intro, recap and end credit detection. AINAR now understands if scenes appear after the end credits starts rolling, such as bloopers or previews of the next episode. This refinement in accuracy ensures that viewers have seamless access to a wide range of content without missing out on post-credit scenes, making binge-watching more engaging and comprehensive. 

AINAR V6’s enhanced Binge Markers feature, is now redefined with pinpoint precision for intro, recap, and end credit detection. AINAR has evolved to recognize even those hidden gems tucked away after the credits roll – think bloopers, sneak peeks, and next episode previews. This leap in detection accuracy not only boosts content engagement but also ensures your viewers never miss a scene, enriching their viewing experience and fostering a deeper connection with the content. This precision in content navigation significantly reduces viewer frustration, encourages longer viewing sessions, and enhances overall satisfaction. Read more about how to AI enhance your content operations here. 

Contextual Advertising 

We are bringing to market what we feel is the industry’s most advanced, scene-level contextual understanding and IAB-mapping for contextual ad targeting. 

Our Contextual Advertising product merges a diverse array of data points into an all-encompassing targeting solution for advertisers. This approach harnesses detailed scene-level topic modeling, precise detection of optimal moments for ad breaks, in-depth video and audio analysis to identify specific environments, moods, celebrity detection, and objects, alongside advanced profanity and nudity detection mechanisms for upholding brand safety. By integrating this wealth of information into relevant IAB tiers, we facilitate refined programmatic targeting, enabling advertisers to tailor their campaigns to match specific content moods, themes, or subjects. 

All this data ensures that your ads are placed next to the most contextually relevant moments in any content. The scene data includes over 3,000 keywords from audio analysis, topic keywords from transcripts and more than 700 mood tags. All this data is also being mapped and aligned with the 3.0 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Taxonomy standard to enable programmatic targeting. This precision not only enhances viewer engagement but also boosts ad recall, making the message more impactful.

By integrating Ad-Break detection with AINAR’s advanced scene-level contextual insights, ads can be matched to complement the scenes leading into each break. This boosts advertiser satisfaction by placing brands alongside relevant content and improves the viewer’s experience.


Comparative Overview

Dimensions 16 1088 1688
Celebrity Detection Not Available Not Available Yes
Dynamic Thumbnails & Previews Limited Improved Highly Dynamic & Customizable
Title-level prompting Not Available Available Improved Accuracy
Enhanced Binge Markers Not Available Available  Improved Accuracy 
Contextual Ad Breaks Not Available Basic  Enhanced 
Multilingual Topic Modeling Not Available Not Available  Advanced 
Scene Prompting Not Available Not Available NLP-based  Scene Prompting



AINAR V6 Cognitive AI for Content Discovery and Enhancement, is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cognitive AI technology in the media industry. With its enhanced features, AINAR V6 not only improves upon the foundation laid by earlier versions but also introduces new functionalities that promise to revolutionize content discovery, compliance, and viewer engagement. As AINAR continues to evolve, it paves the way for more personalized, accessible, and engaging media experiences, powered by the latest advancements in cognitive AI. 

FAQ for AINAR V6 Cognitive AI for Content Discovery and Enhancement

1. What are the major improvements in AINAR V6 compared to earlier versions? AINAR V6 introduces significant enhancements, including an additional 600 dimensions in multilingual topic modeling, celebrity recognition in every scene, advanced nudity and profanity detection for brand safety, and improved automation levels for creating preview clips. These advancements provide more precise content discovery and customization capabilities.

2. How does AINAR V6 enhance content discovery for diverse languages? With the introduction of multilingual topic modeling, AINAR V6 can analyze and transcribe audio in multiple languages, identifying underlying themes and improving content matching and discovery across varied linguistic content libraries.

3. What is the new celebrity recognition feature in AINAR V6? AINAR V6 can now accurately identify celebrities within video content, such as recognizing scenes with specific actors like Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington. This feature aids editorial and marketing teams in quickly locating and utilizing content featuring popular stars for campaigns and presentations.

4. How does the enhanced nudity and profanity detection in AINAR V6 ensure brand safety? The enhanced detection capabilities in AINAR V6 train the AI to identify and filter out content containing nudity or profanity. This ensures that all generated preview clips and thumbnails are appropriate for diverse audiences, maintaining a safe viewing environment and adhering to brand values.

5. What is the significance of scene-level insights in AINAR V6 for user interaction? The introduction of scene-level insights in AINAR V6 allows for detailed scene descriptions and sophisticated NLP-based scene prompting. Users can request specific scenes based on criteria like action levels or character presence, significantly enhancing the content interaction and discovery process.

Want to know more about AINAR V6 and how it can be a game changer for your platform?

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