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AINAR Interact – Best of Show at IBC 2023 

We are pleased to announce that AINAR Interact has won this year’s Best of Show awards at IBC 2023 in the TVB Europe category. The awards recognize the very best broadcast products and solutions on display at the show, with hundreds of products and solutions considered. All entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts, speakers, and editors. Factors taken into account include how diverse and comprehensive our product’s features are; how easy it is to use and how it integrates with other products; its value for money within the market; and how innovative and unique it is within the market.

AINAR Interact – Best of Show at IBC 2023

Ever imagined interacting with your favorite streaming platform using natural language?

With AINAR’s latest update, that dream is now a reality. We’re thrilled to announce our pioneering new feature: Vision – text translation. This innovation brings natural-prompted interactivity to AINAR, set to redefine the way viewers of any streaming platform interact with content. The emphasis is on two-way communication between the platform and its users, ensuring a more intuitive, personalized, and efficient content discovery experience and a new way of experience short clips and thumbnails. 

Did you know? On average, we invest a whopping 20 minutes scrolling, searching for that perfect watch. But what if your streaming service not only understood your preferences but also understood the emotions each content piece invoked? Of every single scene. Picture this: No more endless carousel scrolling: Just let AINAR know what you are in the mood for. Welcome to the future. Welcome to the living, breathing world of AINAR!

The future of content discovery is not just algorithmic; it’s conversational. We are elated to present our breakthrough innovation AINAR Interact. This advancement transforms content discovery from a passive experience into an interactive dialogue, powered by AINAR’s unmatched AI capabilities.

Highlighting AINAR’s New Capability: Vision – Text Translation

At the heart of our newest update is the ‘Vision – text translation’ feature. This cutting-edge development stands as a testament to AINAR’s commitment to enhancing user experience. It ensures that viewers can seamlessly communicate with their favorite streaming platforms using natural language, ushering in a new era where technology not only understands data but also interprets human sentiment.

Two-Way Communication: The Core of Personalized Content Discovery

Traditional streaming services often present a one-size-fits-all approach, limiting the user’s experience. AINAR Interact, with its enhanced Prompts feature, introduces genuine two-way communication. This breakthrough ensures an individualized content discovery experience, adapting in real time to users’ needs, preferences, and moods. The result? A more intuitive and efficient navigation through myriad content options.

Beyond Algorithms: Understanding Emotions and Scenes

What sets AINAR apart is its profound understanding of content down to the granular level of every single scene. Consider the frustration of investing 20 minutes, sometimes more, in sifting through a carousel of options, only to settle for content that may not resonate with your current mood. With AINAR Interact, users can vividly express their emotions or desired themes, and AINAR Interact, in turn, sources content that aligns perfectly with that sentiment. It’s not just about viewing preferences; it’s about aligning content with emotions, ensuring a deeply immersive viewing experience.

Conclusion: The Future is Conversational

No longer is content discovery a mundane, passive process. With AINAR’s Prompts, we’re inviting users into a dynamic, living world where their streaming platform listens, understands, and responds. The carousel of endless options is replaced by a personalized conversation, making content discovery a delightful interaction rather than a chore.

In a world where technology is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, AINAR Interact stands at the forefront, ensuring that integration is personal, intuitive, and emotionally resonant. Welcome to the future. Welcome to AINAR’s living, breathing universe of content.

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