Best of Show Award at the NAB 2023

Best of Show Award at the NAB 2023 Awards with Quickplay

We are happy to share that we won the Best of Show Award at the NAB 2023 Awards in Las Vegas together with Quickplay for our Preview Clips Integration.

The annual awards recognize outstanding products and solutions from the show floor at NAB each year, with an array of Future’s media technology-facing brands participating, including Broadcasting and Cable, TVTech, Radio World, Sound & Video Contractor, Next TV, and Mix.

Quickplay–VionLabs Preview Clip Integration

The companies are bringing together Quickplay’s award-winning, cloud-native CMS and Vionlabs’ AINAR Visual Discovery solution to create AI Automated Thumbnails and Preview Clips. Pre-integration with the Quickplay CMS means that Quickplay customers automatically have access to a powerful new tool to drive customer engagement and long-term value. AI-derived metadata for content moods, micro-genres, story descriptors, keywords, and more are leveraged by advanced personalization algorithms from Quickplay to:

  • Find all the main characters through presence and importance to story;
  • Pinpoint exactly where in the frame to feature main characters for thumbnails; and
  • Find the best scenes using energy and emotion tracking across the story arc.

AI-automated thumbnails and preview clip outputs are fast and easily created, significantly reducing the cost of content marketing. AINAR Visual Discovery recognizes key people in the video and analyzes their mood and appearance to evaluate their importance. After analysis, AINAR Visual Discovery can find the main characters for thumbnails and previews and select both engaging and relevant segments of the content suited for promotional material. 

Most services have the Catch 22 issue that they don’t have any data on new users and it takes time to collect the data. Vionlabs AI generates preview clips (the type of short clips that starts when you hover on a movie/series thumbnail on Netflix) that, when combined with metadata and content embeddings, can connect shorter clips to long form content such as movies and series. This helps boost the amount of datapoints available for each user early in the user journey from one or two interactions per week to 50-100 interactions that can be used in recommendations, personalization, and discovery.

Best of Show Award at the NAB 2023:  As offered by Quickplay and Vionlabs, Preview Clips uses three key AI-based capabilities to enables OTT providers to create previews automatically, without the time and cost of manually marking each noteworthy highlight.

  • Character Tracking identifies characters and tracks their actions, enabling accurate previews that focus on the main characters in the story.
  • Energy Detection uses a deep learning algorithm to recognize high-energy scenes that should be included in the previews, including dynamic actions such as running, jumping, or fighting for an action movie, and funny moments for a comedy.
  • Speech Detection technology provides an added layer of protection by checking dialogue to ensure that previews begin and end at natural breaks in the conversation.


This results in richer, more nuanced video recommendations and previews that can be targeted to viewers based on data collected by Quickplay tools across the subscriber journey. Previews can be published immediately or serve as the basis for further refinement by the content team, resulting in increased activations across Quickplay customers’ OTT content libraries. As noted above, a baseline of one or two interactions per week can be increased to 50-100 interactions that can be used in recommendations, personalization, and discovery.

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