Consumer Mood Research Report

Our AI technology generates never before seen metadata including mood data for movies and shows. Our reason for existence is to close the gap between content and consumers so we decided to conduct market research on how vital emotionally based discovery, such as mood, is for consumers.

We found that 63.2% of users have mood as a primary deciding factor when choosing what to watch. What mood matters? The mood the viewer is currently in or the mood of the movie? We asked them that too.

We also asked how many streaming services people use:

86% of the people between 18-64 have more than 1 streaming service,
while around 40% of people have more than 3 streaming services at the
same time. On average, per person has around 2,1 streaming services.

These results show that there is a significant trend of people utilizing multiple streaming services to watch content and that mood-based discovery can play an important role in their decision-making.

Get the full report here to read more about our findings. 




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Posted on February 28, 2023


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