Consumer Mood Research Report

At the heart of our mission is the use of AI technology to generate unique and insightful metadata, including mood data for movies and shows. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between content and consumers. To achieve this, we conducted an in-depth market research study to understand the importance of emotionally based discovery, such as mood, for consumers in their “Mood-Based Discovery in Streaming Services.”

Our research revealed that mood plays a significant role in viewer decision-making, with 63.2% of users citing mood as a primary factor when choosing what to watch. But what aspect of mood is most influential? Is it the viewer’s current mood or the mood of the movie or show? Our report delves into these questions, providing valuable insights into viewer preferences.

In addition to mood-based discovery, our research also explored the number of streaming services people use. We found that a staggering 86% of individuals aged between 18-64 subscribe to more than one streaming service. Furthermore, around 40% of people have more than three streaming services simultaneously, with the average person subscribing to approximately 2.1 services.

These findings highlight a significant trend in the streaming industry: people are increasingly using multiple streaming services to access content. Moreover, mood-based discovery appears to play a crucial role in their content selection process.

Get the full report here to read more about our findings and to gain a better understanding of the role of mood-based discovery in streaming services. This report provides valuable insights for content providers looking to enhance viewer engagement and satisfaction.





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