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FreeTV forms a strategic alliance with Vionlabs to personalize the user experience

Vionlabs / FreeTV / Olympusat

April 9th 2024

In an innovative move set to enhance the viewing experience, FreeTV, a subsidiary of Olympusat, has announced a strategic partnership with Vionlabs. This collaboration aims to leverage Vionlabs cognitive AI technology; AINAR, to enhance content discovery, viewer engagement, and advertising efficiency across FreeTV’s content library.

By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Vionlabs generates unique metadata based on colors, emotions, mood, environments and much more to bring significant advancements to content analysis, discovery, and interaction.

By integrating Vionlabs AI technology, FreeTV Networks aims to deliver a more personalized and engaging viewing experience, tailored to meet the varied preferences of its viewers.

The partnership will introduce several key features to FreeTV users:

  • AINAR Fingerprint+ offers a deeper understanding and categorization of content based on moods, leading to highly accurate viewer recommendations and content discovery.The scene level data includes over 2,300 keywords from video and audio analysis, topic keywords from transcripts and more than 700 mood tags.
  • AINAR Binge Markers identifies optimal points within series and movies that encourage continued viewing. This technology enhances viewer satisfaction and strategically positions content to maximize engagement
  • AINAR Ad Breaks. With this, FreeTV will optimize ad placement to ensure ads are integrated smoothly into the viewing experience, aiming to reduce viewer disruption, benefiting both advertisers and audiences.

“Partnering with Vionlabs marks a significant milestone for FreeTV Networks as we continue to innovate and improve the experience for our viewers,” said Tom Mohler, CEO of Olympusat. “The integration of AINAR’s cognitive AI capabilities will allow us to deliver content that resonates more deeply with our audience’s preferences, setting a new standard for personalized entertainment.”

Marcus Bergström, CEO of Vionlabs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to collaborate with FreeTV Networks and Olympusat, leveraging our AI technology to establish new standards in viewer experiences. Our shared vision for a more engaging and personalized viewing experience aligns with FreeTV’s commitment to quality and innovation.

This partnership highlights FreeTV’s commitment to improving the viewing experience for its users by offering enhanced recommendations and a highly personalized, uninterrupted viewing experience. These improvements ensure that each viewer enjoys content that is tailored to their individual preferences and moods, to ensure a seamless and engaging viewing experience.

About FreeTV:

FreeTV, part of Olympusat, is a free, ad-supported streaming service available in the United States and Latin America, offering a diverse catalog of movies and series. This includes high-quality storylines from around the world and Hollywood classics. The service is accessible on all mobile and connected TV app stores, as well as through

About Vionlabs:

Vionlabs is at the forefront of AI-driven content analysis and viewer personalization, offering the first-of-its-kind Cognitive AI video-audio platform, AINAR. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Vionlabs empowers streaming services, entertainment companies, telecoms, and advertising platforms to create seamless, non-disruptive user experiences that align with viewer tastes, all without third-party data.

About Olympusat:

Olympusat, LLC is a vertically integrated distributor and owner of Spanish and English language pay television channels in the U.S., including an expanding programming rights and global distribution footprint providing an original, world-class content library. In addition, the company’s extensive portfolio of networks of 30+ HD and SD Spanish and English language television networks, includes a premium FAST channel suite.

Recognizing the ever-changing landscape within media and entertainment, Olympusat, LLC has launched FreeTV, an AVOD streaming service providing unique programing from around the world. FreeTV is available on all streaming platforms across 17 regions in Latin America, and most recently in the United States. FreeTV is also available as a broadcast station serving the audience of Mexico City, Mexico as FreeTV 8.2.

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