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Vionlabs and Innotech Partner to Bring Cognitive AI Technology to Hulu Japan

STOCKHOLM and TOKYOSept. 12, 2023

Vionlabs and Innotech Partner to Bring Cognitive AI Technology to Hulu Japan. Vionlabs, a leading provider of cognitive AI technology for the media and entertainment industry, has partnered with Innotech Corporation (Innotech), a global technology solutions provider, to offer their innovative solutions to Hulu Japan. This marks the first mutual customer in Japan for the two companies.

As part of the partnership, Vionlabs’ AI-powered video-to-metadata discovery and personalization platform Fingerprint+ will be integrated into Hulu Japan’s’ video streaming service. Vionlabs state-of-the-art cognitive AI called AINAR uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to extract relevant metadata to understand the emotional impact of content. Their award-winning technology has consistently demonstrated its ability to enhance recommendation precision, click-through rates, catalog coverage, and return on investment.

Hulu Japan will also integrate AINAR Binge Markers and Thumbnails. AINAR Binge Markers efficiently and automatically add intro, recap, and outro detection to the entire content library. AINAR Thumbnails listens and looks at video content and finds the key moments to automatically produce engaging thumbnails. With this data, Hulu Japan will be able to provide better content discovery and more personalized recommendations for each individual user.

Innotech will be responsible for the integration support of Vionlabs’ technology into Hulu Japan’s existing platform, and helping ensure seamless operation and improved user experience. Innotech’s extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry makes them a valuable partner in delivering Vionlabs’ technology to Hulu Japan.

Teaming up with Innotech to extend our cognitive AI technology to Hulu Japan is a milestone we’re greatly excited about,” announced Marcus Bergström, Vionlabs CEO. “We envision that our advanced AI solutions will be a game-changer for Hulu Japan, redefining their viewers’ experience and taking it to a whole new level of engagement and satisfaction.


We are delighted to introduce AINAR to our Hulu Japan service to enhance emotional video metadata and generate binge makers and thumbnails,” said Toshiyuki Takeuchi, Director of Product at Hulu Japan. “We believe that leveraging the automated workflow provided by AINAR will greatly save the time and cost regularly required to keep our service better, and this will allow us to focus our resources more on other tasks.


We are so excited to collaborate with Vionlabs and bring their innovative technology to Hulu Japan,” said Yosuke Kaburagi, Managing Executive Officer of Innotech. “Our expertise in technology integration and the media and entertainment industry makes us an ideal partner for Vionlabs and Hulu Japan. We look forward to a successful partnership and continued growth in this industry.

Vionlabs and Innotech Partner to Bring Cognitive AI Technology to Hulu Japan:

About Vionlabs

Vionlabs is a leading provider of cognitive AI technology for the media and entertainment industry. Their platform uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide the first-of-its-kind Cognitive AI video-audio platform called AINAR. AINAR can analyze consumer moods and sentiments in long-format video-audio files. Vionlabs helps streaming services, entertainment companies, telecoms, software companies, and advertising platforms create user experiences that are seamless, and non-disruptive, and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s tastes, all without using third-party data. Vionlabs’ technology has been adopted by leading media companies worldwide. More info: Vionlabs.comLinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

About Hulu Japan

Hulu Japan is a leading online video streaming service offering movies, drama, animation and variety shows. Unlimited access to over 100,000 programs is available anytime, anywhere at a fixed monthly rate. Alongside overseas drama series premiering in Japan under “Hulu Premiere” branding and originally produced shows under “Hulu Original” branding, Hulu’s wide-ranging lineup also includes on-demand viewing of catch-up episodes from popular TV series, live music streaming, and a broad range of other Hulu Japan exclusive content. An extensive live streaming service is also available, offering news from Japan, US and UK, and sports. Not only Hulu Japan members but also anyone else can enjoy access to Hulu Store, offering pay-per-view titles. At Hulu Store, you may rent or purchase recently released movies, the latest seasons of overseas drama series, and much more.

Both Hulu (Japan) and Hulu Store are available for viewing on TV, computers, smartphones and tablets connected to the internet.

About Innotech

Innotech Corporation is a global technology solutions provider in the media and entertainment industry. They provide world’s cutting-edge technology solutions to media companies to help their customers’ content supply chain. Innotech has a strong track record of delivering innovative technology solutions to their customers in Japan for more than 16 years.

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