Behind the Scenes of our Deep Learning Preview Engine

As streaming companies continue to grow, content discovery remains a crucial aspect of their business strategy. With an overwhelming amount of content available to stream, users need help finding relevant and exciting shows or movies to watch. That’s where AINAR comes in, offering a preview engine that helps streaming companies improve their content discovery experience. At the foundation of AINAR’s preview engine is an AI-based character tracking, emotion & energy detection, and speech detection system. Let’s take a closer look at how AINAR works and how it produces preview clips and thumbnails in this article. 

Character Tracking

The character tracking component identifies the characters throughout the video file and assigns each character a weight to indicate its importance which is a combination of presence and prominence. This allows AINAR to produce thumbnails or previews that target the main characters. AI-based character tracking allows us to identify characters throughout the video and track their actions. This means that we can create accurate previews that focus on the main characters of the video, without having to manually mark each character or action one by one. With this data, AINAR precisely determines which scenes or moments should be included in the preview depending on how characters are featured throughout the video. Then AINAR tracks the characters and identifies them with a high degree of accuracy throughout the video, resulting in a preview that accurately shows the main characters and their actions. Main Character tracking from A Star is Born:


Action Detection for Preview Clips

The action detection component uses a deep learning algorithm to recognize the high energy in the video to help the AI know which scenes are important and should be included in the previews. This allows AINAR to recognize dynamic actions such as running, jumping, or fighting for an action movie, and for a comedy, it could be a funny moment. It finds energetic sections of the video and creates previews that showcase the most exciting moments or key action sequences of the video. By combining character tracking with action detection, users can also search through previews to find scenes based on characters. AINAR’s clip stretching process is designed to create high-quality preview clips for streaming content. The process involves running through the video asset and detecting the targeted character. Once the character is detected, AINAR “presses record” and looks at the next 20 seconds of footage. If the character remains present in that 20-second window, AINAR continues recording. When the character is no longer present for 20 seconds, AINAR stops recording. This creates a stretched clip that showcases the targeted character. By utilizing this clip-stretching process, AINAR can create highly-targeted previews that showcase the most relevant characters of a video and help streaming companies improve their content discovery experience. Below you can see the preview clips for Daddy’s Home generated by AINAR. The AI makes sure to track the main characters and also measures the energy level to give a good diversity of clips. The clip below is tracking all the Top characters and has high energy.


The clip below is tracking primary and secondary characters from the same movie with a lower energy.


Speech Detection 

Finally, AINAR utilizes speech detection technology as an added layer of precision when cutting previews. This component checks the dialogue in the video to make sure that the previews begin and end at natural breaks in the conversation. That way, viewers get a full sense of the scene without missing any important plot points. With all these features combined, AINAR is able to efficiently and accurately create previews that keep audiences engaged and maximize views for content creators. Overall, AINAR’s preview engine is a powerful tool for streaming companies looking to improve their content discovery experience. By leveraging AI-based character tracking, action detection, speech detection, and scene detection, AINAR can produce highly-targeted previews that showcase the most exciting moments of a video. This leads to more engaged users and higher watch time, making AINAR an essential tool for any streaming company looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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Posted on February 24, 2023


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