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Vionlabs available on Google Cloud Marketplace

April 12, 2023

Vionlabs announces collaboration with Google Cloud Marketplace to enable next-generation personalization with Cognitive AI

STOCKHOLM, April 12, 2023 – Vionlabs, a leading provider of cognitive AI technology, today announced that its video AI platform is available through Google Cloud Marketplace, giving organizations the ability to enhance the viewing experience with more accurate and intuitive UX using cognitive AI.

“Vionlabs technology provides organizations with a comprehensive set of tools to extract key insights from video content to increase content ROI and subscriber engagement. By combining our innovative AI solutions with Google Cloud, we are now able to offer customers easy access to the combined strength of both platforms”. Said Marcus Bergström, CEO at Vionlabs

“As the amount of video content expands exponentially, using Vionlabs AI tools to understand what is in the video and make contextual advertising decisions is critical for increased monetization.” With Vionlabs now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to leverage its cognitive AI solutions technology to enhance the viewing experience with more accurate and intuitive UX. ” said Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment, Gaming Partnerships

As a Google Cloud Marketplace partner, Vionlabs offers customers:

Fingerprint +

Key features include:
●  Fingerprint embedding that can be utilized by data scientists to innovate around personalization, content analysis, and more
●  40+ Predicted Genres to categorize each title that can be combined with other nuances in the data such as mood and keywords to create many micro-taste groups
●  Measurement of the emotion and mood of each scene or character with unprecedented accuracy and can recognize 70+ different mood Tags inside a single video file
●  40+ Mood categories extracted by AI, allowing users to connect titles across different genres
●  Classification of each Mood Tag into a more general category so that content will be accurately categorized
● 1500+ descriptive keywords for the content story with weights reflecting the story of the content from different perspectives resulting in relevant keywords, describing the main topic or elements of the content. This allows users to create detailed personalization around topics, genres, and more, and significantly improves the search and discovery experience to keep viewers engaged.


Binge Markers

Key features include:
●  Intro Detection
●  Recap Detection
●  End Credit Detection

Contextual Advertising

Key features include:
●  Contextual Ad Breaks
●  Contextual Scene Metadata

Visual Discovery

Key features include:
●  Automated Thumbnails
●  Automated Preview clips

Connect with Vionlabs here for more information:

About Vionlabs
Vionlabs empowers brands to release the potential of all content and differentiate the consumer viewing experience using the first-of-its-kind Cognitive AI video-audio platform called AINAR. AINAR can analyze consumer moods and sentiments in long-format video-audio files. Vionlabs helps streaming services, entertainment companies, telecoms, software companies, and advertising platforms create user experiences that are seamless, and non-disruptive, and provide content that aligns with each viewer’s tastes, all without using third-party data. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

More info:, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Stéphanie Watkins

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