Visual Discovery & Binge Watching Report

In our comprehensive report, we delve deep into the fascinating subject of the “Viewer’s Journey in Content Consumption.” This is an essential aspect of understanding viewer behavior and preferences in today’s digital age. The report is based on an extensive survey we conducted with a broad demographic of 2541 respondents across Europe, aged between 18 and 45. This diverse age range allowed us to gather a wide range of perspectives and insights into viewing habits and preferences.

Our primary aim was to identify the significance of short clips in viewer decision-making. We wanted to understand how these short snippets of content influence a viewer’s choice to watch a particular piece of content. Additionally, we sought to determine which visual attributes have the most substantial impact on their choices. This includes elements such as color schemes, character visibility, and more.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT FOR FREE HERE to gain valuable insights into the viewer’s journey in content consumption. This report is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in understanding viewer behavior and preferences in greater depth.

In this three-part report, we meticulously examine each stage of a viewer’s journey. We discuss user preferences in content selection, strategies to maximize viewer engagement during the content consumption phase, and analyze the post-watching user journey. Our goal is to identify triggers for viewer frustration to enhance future content experiences.

Moreover, we provide actionable recommendations for media companies to improve their content experiences and cater more effectively to their audiences’ needs.

Our report answers pivotal questions such as:

  • How crucial are trailers/previews for viewers in the journey of content consumption?
  • Which visual attributes exert the strongest impact on viewer decision-making?
  • Among title, thumbnail, genre, and description, which element holds the most importance?
  • What are the main attractions that compel viewers to watch content?
  • How significant is binge-watching in the viewer’s journey of content consumption?

By understanding the “Viewer’s Journey in Content Consumption,” media companies can optimize their strategies to better meet their audience’s needs and enhance their overall viewing experience.

Posted on March 01, 2023


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