Boost User Engagement with AINAR Shorts

Discover AINAR Shorts—The Most Advanced AI Tool for Creating Short Clips on the Market

AINAR Generated Shorts, or preview clips, is our cutting-edge AI solution that pinpoints  key moments to create captivating short clips to promote your content. AINAR Shorts revolutionizes content discovery for streaming platforms by selecting the most engaging clips, optimizing for scene transitions, overlaps, diversity, and the mood of the title. AINAR Shorts is the ideal solution for marketing teams to expand their reach and enhance their creative potential on a larger scale.


Celebrity Recognition

AINAR V6 now boasts advanced celebrity recognition technology. It identifies celebrities in any scene, enhancing the ability for editorial and marketing teams to spotlight stars like Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington in their campaigns. This feature is perfect for engaging preview clips. AINAR  also offers the enhanced capability to incorporate local talent into the database for regional customization.


Advanced Nudity and Profanity detection

AINAR V6 introduces advanced nudity and profanity detection to ensure compliance and brand safety. This technology prevents the creation of preview clips with inappropriate content, catering to a diverse audience and maintaining a safe viewing environment.

AINAR Shorts – Adapted For A Mobile-First World

Optimized for Mobile Viewing: AINAR’s 9:16 Shorts, Crafted with Precision. By utilizing the frame position of character tracking AINAR makes sure the main characters and the story of the clip stays in focus ready to be used for TikTok, You Tube Shorts or Instagram.

Try AINAR Shorts On Your Own Content

We created an easy-to-use UI where you can easily test out the capabilities of AINAR yourself. Just drop your video file on AINAR and watch the magic happen.

AINAR shorts

Tailored Preview Clips with Three Automation Levels:

AINAR offers three levels of automation to create shorts tailored to your needs. 


1. Full Automation: Trust AINAR to select the clip that’s most representative to the mood and story based on the fingerprint of the clips and the fingerprint of the title. This is achieved by analyzing the unique fingerprint of each clip and title.



2. Semi-Automation: Enjoy a curated selection of clips categorized by emotional tones and main characters, ensuring a personalized media experience. With semi-automatic approach you have more freedom to customize clips based on moods and emotions.



3. Full Flexibility: Use AINAR prompts to pinpoint specific clips within any movie or episode, enhancing content discovery and streamlining the creative process.


Preview clips with different moods generated by AINAR from “Daddy’s Home”. First clip captures all the key characters and features high energy. Second clip focusing on primary and secondary characters with low energy.

Build A Stunning UI With AINAR Preview clips

This is an example of how a UI can look like with fully automated preview clips. All the clips are generated by AINAR.

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